From Classroom to Menu: SEGi College Students’ Winning Beverage to Debut at Para Thai

On 11 February 2023, Paradise Group, VIDA, Mahsuri, and SEGi University and Colleges hosted a cuisine and beverage creation competition with enticing rewards for the victors. The winner’s menu would be sold in Para Thai restaurant locations around Malaysia, in addition to a cash award and meal voucher.

David Kim and Muhammad Alif, both students from the School of Hospitality and Tourism at SEGi College Subang Jaya, competed in the drinks category and were shortlisted for the final competition at SEGi College Kota Damansara. The pupils succeeded to perform in the final out of eight groups and won the big prize of RM500 in cash, an RM500 dinner ticket at Para Thai Restaurant, and a carton of VIDA effervescent flavoured drink.

Their winning innovation, the “Thai Manao Mojito,” will be added to Para Thai’s menu for Ramadan in all of their Malaysian locations.

The tournament provided an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate their abilities and add to their CV. This could help them get better jobs in the future. Furthermore, the event established a solid partnership between SEGi College and industry leaders, which contributed to increased industrial participation.

The School of Hospitality and Tourism at SEGi College prepares students for successful careers in the hospitality and tourism industries by offering hands-on experiences and opportunity to meet with industry experts. The college’s participation in this competition demonstrates its dedication to prepare its students for real-world issues in the industry.

Ultimately, the Paradise Group, VIDA, Mahsuri, and SEGi University and Colleges culinary and drinks competition provided students with significant experiences, networking opportunities, and industrial exposure. David Kim and Muhammad Alif, the champions, have proved their abilities and originality in the beverages category, earning them a prominent berth on Para Thai’s menu.

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