Creative Multimedia Talk: ‘Are You Future-Ready?’

On 16 June, subject expert and Programme Leader at SEGi College Subang Jaya, Mr Khor Aik Bien, conducted creative multimedia talk to share the learning structure and direction for career planning after students graduate from our Creative Multimedia programme.

At SEGi College Subang Jaya, the Faculty of Creative Arts and Design has taken a step ahead to upgrade its Creative Multimedia programme from the conventional diploma programme into work-based learning modules, fully providing our students with the actual learning experience within the industry.

The new learning experience of the programme emphasises practical skills and applied knowledge; learnt in the classroom and put into practice in industrial settings. Customized coursework has been designed for the students based on the multimedia industry’s latest trends and demands.

Under the work-based learning structure, students will work closely with an industrial coach for relevant coursework assigned. These industrial coaches will provide feedback regularly to evaluate the students’ artwork to ensure that they meet industrial requirements and standards.

In the Diploma in Creative Multimedia, work-based learning modules provide tremendous opportunities for the students to explore their coursework assigned with industry coaches, opening the door for them to build connections with multimedia companies and strengthening on their network with companies, which helps them in career-planning and progression after graduation.

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