Creative Design Talk: ‘The Importance of Design Foundation’

A talk called ‘The Importance of Design Foundation’ was conducted on 17 June 2022by subject expert and Programme Leader, Ms Bridget Lee, from the Faculty of Creative Arts and Design.

The talk focused on the Certificate in Creative Design programme and the Foundation Studies in Art and Design, highlighting the pioneer and model of foundation studies influenced by Bauhaus.  Emphasising art exploration, the study of materials, design ideas, and the design and creative process, the Bauhaus design champions modernity and originality, and its impact and influence on design is still very relevant today.

The audience was also introduced to the wide choice of art and design disciplines to further their studies in their chosen design pathway of Graphic Design, Multimedia or Interior Architecture.  Anyone who is not sure what to study and need knowledge and stimuli to discover their passion and strength will need to gain a foundation in art and design.

The talk session also included upgrading the Certificate in Creative Design into the TVET-mode of study with added industry experience and internships, which provide students with a conducive environment for learning basic art and design skills with an emphasis on art exploration and industry-related experience.

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