We’re the only one!

It’s nice to be the only one when it comes to something good, isn’t it?  It makes us special.  It makes us stand out in the crowd.  When it comes to the provision of (quality) education in law through a special pathway of A-Level/Diploma in Law/Bachelor of Laws, SEGi College is the only one in East Malaysia!  And looking at the number of successful and gainfully employed law graduates we’ve been churning out since 1987, we’ve proven that we’re actually very good at it!  Here’s how we do it.

 SEGi College Sarawak is the only recognised teaching centre in Sarawak for the Pearson Edexcel International A-Levels.  Of course we’re proud of ourselves, because Pearson is one of the biggest names in education all over the world.  And they chose us!

We’re also very honoured indeed to be partners with the top players in the legal world. These badges of honour that we wear on our sleeves we include the Asian International Arbitration Centre,  the Kuala Lumpur Bar Council, and Intertxt. Our students are accepted for legal attachments in law firms in Kuching and West Malaysia!  Isn’t that exciting?

Our very experienced academicians are experts in the Pearson syllabus and the other subjects that they teach.  They are very familiar with the assessment criteria and can correctly predict the topics in the examinations prepared by Pearson UK.  Talk about being in the know!

To top it all off, SEGi College Sarawak gives our students a variety of options to progress when they’re contemplating moving to their undergraduate studies.  Our A-level subjects cover a wide area of law and business, allowing our students to choose any undergraduate programme within the domains of law, accounting, and business.  As a matter of fact, armed with our A-Level programme, they can also choose to take up their Bachelor’s degree in any other field! Be it economics, journalism, human resource, or any other humanitarian subject!  As some people might say, that’s really having our fingers in all the pies!

As is the only private higher education provider in East Malaysia with a Diploma in Law programme that focuses on the general areas of law. This diploma is highly recommended for students choosing to specialise in law in their undergraduate studies.

We know that our students deserve the very best!  That’s why we provide them with the most wonderful resources.  They get notes and materials, access to our legal database, and a library filled to the brim with the latest law texts​.

We believe that diversity rules.  That’s why we’ve devised a syllabus that covers a spectrum of legal systems in just this one programme.  Our subjects span English, Malaysian and Australian law, and magically opens hitherto closed doors for all our students to continue their stellar education in British and Australian universities​.  We think this is the least that we can do for all our aspiring greats!

Our Bachelor’s Degree in Law partners are the University of Hertfordshire and Queensland University of Technology, and our diploma students can complete their Bachelor of Laws (LLB) within either one or two years respectively with these universities.​  We make sure we’ve got you covered!

Our Diploma in Law is also recognised in all Commonwealth countries, whether it’s  for further studies or for more practical purposes. ​ And so many job opportunities abound for students who’ve equipped themselves with it and yet decided to change direction at the crossroads of their lives!  Because once you’ve taken our Diploma in Law, you could wield your diplomatic charm through public service,​ or you could exert some muscle in the Customs Department.  You could even be meticulous tax inspectors, tireless academic researchers, curious journalists, thought-provoking writers​, or wise and wily corporate legal advisors​.  Honestly, the choice is yours!

Our Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is indeed very special (just like we are.  Yes, you and me!).  We give thoughtful consideration to adult learners.  So if you’re a legal clerk or officer with pre-university qualifications or a diploma in a relevant area, you’re eligible for our LLB! If you’ve got enough experience, although you lack an undergraduate degree, as a legal clerk in Malaysia, there are boundless opportunities for you to potentially practise as a lawyer.  Isn’t that simply awesome?

​The academic direction of SEGi College Sarawak’s Bachelor of Laws is provided by a consortium of outstanding University of London law schoolsUniversity College London (UCL) King’s College London, London School of Economics (LSE), Birkbeck, Queen Mary, and SOAS University of London. It might be pertinent to note here (and we note it proudly!), that University College London (UCL), King’s College London and London School of Economics (LSE) are ranked in the Top Twenty Universities Worldwide for Law (QS World Rankings 2020), and that University College London (UCL) and London School of Economics (LSE) rank the UK’s Top Ten Universities (The Complete University Guide 2020)! ​

Our Bachelor of Laws (LLB) students can choose to join either the Australian Practice Legal Training Programme upon completion of this LLB, a bar course in the UK, or a Certificate in Legal Practice in Malaysia. ​ Now if that’s not flexibility, we can’t think what is!  A point of note is that the Sarawak Bar Council recognises all these three qualifications!  And also, students who complete our Bachelor of Laws (LLB) will attain a UK qualifying law degree if they learn European Union Law.​

And with our Bachelor of Laws, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is really deep.  And how do we measure this pot?  Well, remember the almost limitless opportunities that abound with our Diploma in Law? Let’s just say that once you’ve achieved our Bachelor of Laws (LLB), you’ll be spoilt for choice in deciding what to do with your career!

Come to SEGi College Sarawak.  We’ll show you just how many endless career opportunities lie in eager wait for you!

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