Welcome back, SEGians!

Welcome back to SEGi College Sarawak!

As the new academic year has just begun and 2020 became the past, it is time for us to set our new goals, promises, and changes. Despite the unprecedented pandemic, we are proud of your extraordinary efforts and resilience in embracing the new norm.

We warmly welcome all existing and new students to return to campus on 11th January 2021, and we are thrilled to be able to create a great learning journey and go through the challenging time together with you. Our goal is to support you and optimizing your learning experiences. We are working actively to improve our service quality, albeit there are many restrictions during this challenging period. Numerous virtual programmes have been planned over these few months to ensure students’ personal and emotional growth. Besides, we want to take a moment to make sure that, in this extraordinarily demanding and hard time, you are taking care of yourself, specifically as it relates to your emotional well-being. In regards to this, our counselling services also transitioned into online to provide better services to students who are in need. We shall resume as many face-to-face interactions as possible (include counselling) by phases, in accordance with the development of the current situation.

Again, welcome to SEGi College Sarawak. We will continue to be here and to ensure our students remain healthy, safety and well-being as well as to achieve intellectual and social engagement.

Let’s make it a year great!



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