Team Building 2021

The staff of SEGi College Sarawak had a team-building retreat at Roxy Semantan from 11th December 2021 to 12th December 2021 with the objective of enhancing SEGi’s culture and to prepare for a better 2022. This occasion provided an opportunity for all levels of the SEGi workforce to communicate with top management.


The organising committee planned many activities for this retreat, all of which were designed with teamwork as the means to achieving the desired goals. The participants were divided into five teams called Guns and Roses, Queen, Deep Purple, The Beatles, and Bon Jovi.


Throughout the event, which lasted two days and a night, the SEGi employees got to know one another better, even those from the other departments. This will surely go a long way towards better cooperation and greater efficiency within the workplace.


We look forward to enhancing our services to serve everyone better! See you again in 2022!

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