SEGi’s future medical lab technologists thrive in clinical placement

The Programme Leader of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences at SEGi paid a visit to the Laboratory Department of Borneo Medical Centre Kuching. This visit was significant as two Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology students were undergoing their clinical placement at the renowned medical centre.  

The laboratory personnel in charge highlighted the importance of professional behaviour, including attendance, initiative, integrity, professional relationships, and cooperation, in shaping these students into successful medical lab technologists. 

During their placement, the students had the opportunity to work in various sections of the laboratory, gaining hands-on experience with different types of diagnostic tests. They effectively applied the knowledge they had acquired at the college to real-world scenarios. The laboratory personnel also took the chance to evaluate the students’ understanding of each diagnostic test by providing them with simple case studies. Notably, the students demonstrated significant improvements in practical skills, communication, and teamwork throughout their clinical placement. 

Clinical placement serves as a vital component of practical-based programs, providing students with invaluable work experience that enhances their understanding of theoretical concepts. SEGi is dedicated to ensuring that students receive comprehensive and well-rounded education that prepares them for the demands of their future professions. 


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