SEGi redefines physiotherapy for holistic student development

SEGi took a significant step towards holistic healthcare education by hosting a compelling sharing session on the “Importance of Rehabilitation.” The Programme Leader of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Candy Chong Siok May, welcomed a licensed physiotherapist from Help-Healthcare, who engaged 30 students enrolled in the Diploma in Healthcare programme.  

The session, an integral part of their Introduction to Public Health course, aimed to broaden students’ perspectives on physiotherapy beyond common misconceptions. Physiotherapy, often misconstrued as mere massage, was demystified during the session. The physiotherapist highlighted its crucial role in restoring movement and function post-injury. The comprehensive presentation covered various facets of sports injuries, encompassing outcomes, risk factors, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and management. Practical demonstrations, particularly focusing on shoulder, back, and leg pain, allowed students to actively engage and comprehend the techniques. 

An interactive Q&A session facilitated valuable exchanges, where students posed pertinent questions relevant to their daily lives. This immersive approach ensured that the session not only enriched academic knowledge but also equipped students with practical insights applicable beyond the classroom. As a gesture of appreciation, the Programme Leader presented souvenirs and certificates to the physiotherapist, concluding the session with a memorable group photo. SEGi remains committed to providing diverse learning experiences that go beyond textbooks, preparing students for well-rounded contributions to the healthcare sector. 

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