SEGi Students learn the ropes in the field

By Ms Candy Chong, Programme Leader, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

SEGi College Sarawak’s Diploma in Healthcare provides students with the appropriate healthcare management knowledge, personal skills, and business leadership skills to enable them to contribute effectively to the management of health services. All these students attend practical field-training in their final year of study. One of the advantages of this programme is that the students can choose the industry and establishment of their practical placement.

One such student, Nadia Zaliesha Baharudin, whose interest lies in public health and pharmacology, naturally decided to do her practical training at a pharmacy and chose Jom Pharmacy at Song Plaza, Kuching. The eight weeks  training was conducted from 13 June to 5 August 2022, where she was assigned to three departments, namely the prescription counter, counselling lounge, and public lounge.

At the prescription counter, she learnt to identify different types of drugs and their side effects, and this is where the subject Introduction to Pharmacology came in handy for her. At the counselling lounge, she attended to the requests of customers and communicated them to the pharmacist on duty. At the public lounge, she was at the door to cheerfully greet and guide customers on their purchase requests.

Nadia has gained valuable knowledge and experience from her practical placement at the pharmacy and is now even more confident in her knowledge gained from her studies, as well as in her soft skills listening and attending to the needs of customers.

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