SEGi Sarawak’s latest team-building victory

By Ms. Felicia, Lecturer, Faculty of Education & Social Science

SEGi College Sarawak’s Early Childhood Education students recently organised a team-building camp in a team effort with the college’s Aspiring Hospitality Club, Cultural Club, Rotaract Club, and Leo Club. The two-day-one-night camp was held at Roxy Beach Hotel Sematan. Forty students from various faculties joined this thrilling activity that took four months of planning.

Team-building is all about fostering cooperation, trust and camaraderie so that groups of three or more can work together for the common good. Team-building efforts usually involve fun and creative activities in informal settings, and while extroverts might happily partake, some introverts find that it takes a little more effort to mingle with strangers and have fun with them, much less work with them.

Nevertheless, being able to work in a team is an essential part of university life, especially in preparation for working life. Team-building builds not just teams but the individual’s character through an understanding of oneself and of other people, and how each person is different.

The students who participated in this team-building event had great fun with the games and the highlight of the camp, a barbecue and campfire, and most importantly, discovered better versions of themselves.

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