SEGi students learn about infectious diseases

A group of students from SEGi Sarawak’s Allied Health programmes visited the Sarawak State Library on 13 September 2022 to participate in the Virus Hunter Programme organised by Penang Science Cluster, a non-profit organisation with a mission to stimulate interest in science and technology.

The Virus Hunter programme was designed to increase public interest, provide awareness of fighting infectious diseases, and educate people on pandemics. During the programme, the students watched a simulation of the vaccine-development process and how to make a safe and effective vaccine.

The students were divided into several groups before they started the activities at four separate stations. In the Arts and Crafts station, they were required to use coloured paper to produce a virus model. In the Show Your Work station, each group of students rearranged the deoxyribonucleic acid sequence (DNA) to find the clues to the next station, the Chrispr Treasure Hunt Micropipetting Challenge. They learned about micro pipetting techniques at this station and earned reward points based on their pipetting skills.

The last station was the Chrispr Treasure Hunt Reward Station, where the students got their final mystery gifts based on their overall performance.

The students had fun at this event and look forward to many more exciting educational activities.

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