SEGi College Sarawak’s Leo Club Holds Orientation and Welcoming Party

The Leo Club of SEGi College Sarawak had its orientation recently at the main campus to welcome six new Leo members. These new members were briefed on the club’s vision and mission, the duties and responsibilities of a Leo, and the club’s structure and protocol.   

A small party was also held, with light refreshments and an ice-breaking game, including presents for the winners, in an effort better unite members of the club in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship, and mutual understanding,   

At the end of orientation, Lion Vincent Cheong, Faculty Advisor, awarded Leo Cheryline Chung Zhi Yi, President of SEGi Leo Club, with a gift in appreciation of her valuable contributions to the club through the improvement of the community.  She actively manages the club, board meetings, facilitates decision-making processes, and consistently motivates Leo members to take part in service projects efficiently. Most importantly, she is able to liaise with and build good relationships with other club presidents, external Leo Club advisors, and Lion members in collaborative service activities. 

There are many ways people can give back to their community. The Leo Club is one such platforms, and it is not just dedicated to the service of others, but also to the development of Leos so that they can achieve the highest standards possible in everything they do.  

We encourage new members to cooperate closely with us to foster our commitment to community service, and to accomplish the Lions International Club (LCI) global service goals together.  



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