SEGi College Sarawak Early Childhood Educators Visit Student Interns

In a bid to enhance the academic experience of students undergoing internship training, Madam Josephine and Madam Barbara, lecturers from the Early Childhood programme, embarked on a two-day trip to Sibu, Bintangor and Sarikei from 5th to 6th April to observe the teaching abilities of the Year 3 Diploma in Early Childhood internship students in their respective attachments. Some of these kindergartens are over an hour’s drive outside from Sibu city. 

During their visit to these kindergartens, Madam Josephine and Madam Barbara had meetings with the SEGi internship students, the kindergarten principals, and the internship coordinators. They also conducted a series of focus group discussions aimed at understanding the students’ experiences and assessing their readiness to enter the workforce. 

The visit provided an opportunity for the lecturers to understand the challenges and opportunities facing the schools in the rural areas, as well as the unique socioeconomic environment of the local communities. They concluded that the internship students are getting a valuable education on the intricacies of teaching in a rural environment and the importance of adapting their skills to different contexts.  

By providing this kind of exposure, the internship students are gaining practical skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to think on their feet. “We believe this kind of learning experience will ultimately impact the quality of teaching in the classroom,” said Madam Josephine. 

The lecturers concluded the trip with commendations to the internship students on their commitment, skills, and professionalism. The lecturers will use their observations to provide feedback and guidance to the internship students as they continue their internship training. 

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