SEGi Champions Biosafety: Leading the BRM Roadshow at UNIMAS

SEGi leads the charge in promoting biosafety and biosecurity within the research community, as evidenced by its active participation in the Strengthening Bio-Risk Management (BRM) Roadshow at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS).  

With four lecturers from the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences (FMNHS) attending the event, SEGi demonstrates its unwavering commitment to enhancing understanding and implementing best practices in bio-risk management. 

Institutional Biosafety and Biosecurity Committees (IBBCs) highlighted during the event serve a critical role in protecting researchers, communities, and the environment from potential risks associated with biohazardous materials. IBBCs establish guidelines to safeguard laboratory personnel, ensure compliance with regulations, mitigate environmental impact, address biosecurity concerns, uphold ethical standards, provide education and training, and develop emergency response protocols. 

By actively engaging in initiatives like the BRM Roadshow, SEGi not only showcases its dedication to academic excellence but also underscores its commitment to fostering a culture of safety, responsibility, and ethical conduct in research. Such proactive involvement in promoting biosafety and biosecurity not only enhances SEGi’s reputation as a leader in higher education but also instils confidence in its ability to produce graduates who prioritise the well-being of society and the environment. 

As SEGi and other participating organizations continue to strengthen bio-risk management practices, they reinforce their dedication to advancing scientific progress while ensuring the safety, security, and ethical conduct of research involving biohazardous materials. This collective effort underscores SEGi’s pivotal role in shaping the future of biosafety and biosecurity in Malaysia and beyond, reaffirming its position as a beacon of excellence in academia and research. 

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