From SEGi to Success: Ivan Chai’s Hospitality Journey

In the vibrant realm of hospitality, Ivan Chai’s trajectory from SEGi alumnus to Director of Sales at The Waterfront Hotel Kuching stands as a beacon of success, highlighting the pivotal role of education and practical experience. Graduating in 2010, Ivan’s journey epitomises the seamless blend of academic rigour and hands-on learning that defines SEGi’s educational ethos. 

His odyssey commenced with humble beginnings at Hilton Kuching, where Ivan, during his SEGi tenure, immersed himself in the intricacies of banquet and event operations. This foundational experience not only provided him with essential skills but also ignited his passion for the hospitality industry, setting the stage for his illustrious career. 

Following his graduation from SEGi, Ivan transitioned to Four Points by Sheraton Kuching, a part of the prestigious Starwood Hotels & Resorts chain. Here, he honed his craft in the reservation department, gaining invaluable insights into the dynamic landscape of hotel operations. This stint underscored the real-world applicability of his SEGi education, preparing him for the challenges ahead. 

Ivan’s ascent to the role of Director of Sales at The Waterfront Hotel Kuching is a testament to his dedication and expertise. His responsibilities span a spectrum of tasks, from fostering teamwork to implementing effective sales strategies. Notably, Ivan consistently exceeds budgeted yearly goals, showcasing his commitment to excellence and proficiency in his field. 

Crucially, Ivan attributes a significant portion of his success to the robust foundation laid by SEGi. The institution not only equipped him with theoretical knowledge but also instilled in him the practical skills necessary for success in the hospitality industry. His journey exemplifies SEGi’s dedication to nurturing capable and accomplished professionals, reinforcing its reputation for academic excellence. 

As Ivan continues to thrive in his role, SEGi takes pride in his accomplishments, highlighting his story as a testament to the transformative power of education. His journey serves as inspiration for future generations of hospitality professionals, underscoring the enduring impact of SEGi’s holistic approach to education in shaping successful careers in the dynamic hospitality landscape. 

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