First virtual practical exam for housekeeping management subject assessed by Housekeeping Manager of Hotel Prestige Penang

By Mr Gregory Poh, Lecturer, Faculty of Hospitality

SEGi College Sarawak organised the first virtual practical exam at SEGi College Sarawak Branch Campus Mock Room for students taking the Housekeeping Management subject on 28 April under the leadership of Gregory Poh, a lecturer in the subject.

For this practical exam, there were six students from the Diploma in Hotel Management taking the Housekeeping Management subject in this exam. They were divided into teams of two to be assessed by Mr Achmad, Housekeeping Manager of the Prestige Hotel Penang.

The purpose of having this practical exam was to test the students’ practical skills and techniques in the hospitality setting, requiring them to demonstrate their skills, capabilities, and knowledge in a practical hospitality setting.

This is the first time that this sort of practical exam has been organised virtually with an external examination panel. The theme for this practical exam was Romantic”. This meant that the students were required to set up the guest bedroom in accordance with the theme. The marking criteria for this practical exam consisted of proper grooming as housekeeper, tidying the guest bed with the standard operating procedures (SOP), decorating the guest bed according to the theme, and concluding the practical exam with the question-and-answer session by the panel

This inaugural virtual practical exam went smoothly. Mr Achmad from Prestige Hotel Penang said he was very impressed by the performance of SEGi students.

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