Debunks myths about mass communication careers

Many people have misconceptions about mass communication, believing it to be limited to broadcasting and journalism. This, however, is only one aspect of the field. Advertising, public relations, publication, visual communication, broadcasting, digital media strategies, and event management are all options for mass communication graduates. 

Students in mass communication programmes learn a variety of skills, including oral and written communication, teamwork, social media, visual design, and mass communication. These abilities are required for establishing a brand’s reputation, generating interest in new events or activities, and communicating with stakeholders. 

SEGi College Sarawak provides comprehensive mass communication programmes that prepare students for a variety of career opportunities. Graduates of these programmes are prepared to excel in any field that requires communication skills and strategic thinking. 

Mass communication career paths are diverse and ever-changing, making it a rewarding and exciting field to pursue. Individuals interested in learning more about SEGi College Sarawak’s mass communication programmes can call 017-8592566 or visit 

Beyond broadcasting and journalism, mass communication is a diverse field with numerous career opportunities. SEGi College Sarawak equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in these diverse and ever-changing fields. 

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