21st Century Human Resource Management

In any company or organization, a strategic approach in effectively managing people so that they can help the business obtain a competitive advantage is very much essential. This refers to what we usually term as human resource management.  With the evolution of the workforce coupled with the emergence of millennials into the industry, human resource management needs to be anticipative and adaptive towards the ever-changing characteristics and needs of today’s pool of employees. What works twenty years ago might not be relevant today.

Today, human resource management is moving into a more holistic approach. Experts in human resource management are more exposed to using technologies and information systems in HR-related tasks. In addition, being human centric is very important nowadays. The workforce in the modern era is very concerned about work-life balance and the role of human resource management is crucial in this. Human resource managers or executive needs to be sensitive in this area of needs in ensuring employees’ morale at the workplace. SEGi College Sarawak’s human resource management programmes gives a lot of attention on the aforementioned trends in today’s people management.

It is very important to have the right people with the right qualification to be in a human resource management position. The person in charge of human resource need to have the proper education background coupled with experience. At SEGi College Sarawak, our academic offerings include Diploma in Human Resource Management and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Human Resource Management (collaboration with University of Sunderland), providing essential knowledge to equip graduates ready to uplift the human resource management profession.

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