Teaching and learning paradigms

SEGi College is all about progress. Our devotion to the complete education of our students goes beyond our classrooms. SEGi College Penang held a technopreneur talk on 24 March 2022, facilitated by with Operion E-Commerce and Software Sdn Bhd, as part of our commitment to deliver programmes that promise to provide our students with all the very best they need to charge into the working world. Because at SEGi we believe that a variety of teaching and learning strategies helps our students to improve their understanding, their academic success, and this their and employability.

We choose our industry partners well, and we invite speakers with proven expertise in their chosen field, which provides added credibility and reliability to our courses. This allows our students the opportunity to obtain industry insights from their relevant industry professionals.

Our School of Engineering, in collaboration with industry, is hosting a series of guest lectures as part of our School of Engineering programme on partnership with the University of Sunderland (UK).

SEGi College’s School of Engineering programmes are integrated with professional certificate courses to equip our students with the requisito skills for entry onto industry and to strengthen their employability rate. Our Solidworks Certification course is incorporated in the Mechanical Engineering degree programme to provide the essential knowledge and skills needed to become a certified Solidworks associate. In addition, the – Six-Sigma certification is incorporated in our Electronics and Electrical Engineering degree programme to train our students to be exposed to additional knowledge and various methods to improve the manufacturing system through the Lean Six Sigma concept.

Synchronous learning is done via live online class whereby students usually go through the learning process accompanied by lecturers who can provide support while the students are completing their tasks and activities. Live online sessions allow live discussions and interaction among the learners.

Asynchronous learning is done via pre-recorded lecture videos. This allows students to learn on their own time and at their own pace.  Our lecturers use the SEGi BlackBoard as Learning Management System (LMS) to set up their class activities and lecture videos with which orí students engage at their own pace.

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