Making and giving chocolates : a fun learning experience

Many people associate chocolates love. On 10 March 2022, the Student Representative Council (SRC) and School of Hospitality and Tourism of SEGi College Penang worked together to prepare chocolate gifts which they distributed to SEGians and orphanages. The event was led by Chef Muhammad Shaqir with the support of two students from the Diploma in Culinary Arts and one SRC member. They managed to produce  four hundred pieces of chocolate which they packed into two hundred small bags to be distributed.

Chef Muhammad Shaqir stated that making chocolate begins with the tempering process. The chocolate must be tempered and stabilised to give a smooth and glossy finishing. After that, the tempered chocolate has to be be moulded and set in the chiller. The students learned about chocolates and confections and had great fun in the practical class.

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