SEGi DECE students get a first-hand understanding of coding in the digital age

Aligning to the STEM initiatives, students of the Diploma in Early Childhood Education programme got a first-hand opportunity to understand how coding or programming can be used for teaching in early-childhood education as part of literacy for young children. The follow-up series workshop from the Learning Kingdom Workshop series was conducted by Mr Alan from Kiddytronics. Kiddytronics is a hands-on-experience-STEM-related electronic programme that lets children explore the principles of electronics and electrical engineering guided by programming, coding, and engineering design process.

As future educators, they learned the difference between coding and programming. Coding is part of programming that deals with writing the codes that machines can understand. Programming is the process of creating a programme with code approval.

The virtual workshop, conducted with the aid of some software tools for coding, was very educational for our DECE students.

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