SEGi College prepares future hospitality leaders with practical training

By:  Nur Shuhada Abdul Basir 


Students from SEGi College Hotel Management were put to the test with a practical assessment on room decorations. After meeting with Achmad Umar, the Housekeeping Manager of The Prestige Hotel Penang, the students were given the task of decorating The Eden Suite with a birthday and anniversary theme. 

It is common that hotel guests frequently request special occasion room decorations, making this a valuable skill for students to learn. The students had 30 minutes to complete the task and demonstrated outstanding teamwork, communication, and dedication. 

Achmad advised on how to decorate the room in a proper and minimalist manner, which is essential in making the room look nice without being too overwhelming. This practical assessment was an important component of the students’ learning experience, and the knowledge and experience they gained will be invaluable if they pursue a career in the hospitality industry. 

According to a World Travel and Tourism Council report, the travel and tourism industry generated 330 million jobs worldwide in 2019, accounting for 10.4% of total employment. As a result, the hospitality industry contributes significantly to the global economy, and providing students with hands-on training opportunities is critical in preparing them for future careers. 

The Hotel Management programme at SEGi College assists students in developing important skills and knowledge for their future careers. The practical assessment on room decorations is just one example of how the college prepares students for success in the hospitality industry by providing them with the necessary experience and knowledge. 

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