Mastering the art of housekeeping: SEGi College invites hotel expert

By:  Nur Shuhada Abdul Basir 

The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at SEGi College has taken a step forward to improve its students’ learning experience in the field of housekeeping management. Achmad Umar, the Housekeeping Manager of The Prestige Hotel Penang, was invited by the school to share his knowledge of housekeeping management with students. 

Housekeeping is one of the most important factors in guest satisfaction, according to the International Journal of Hospitality Management, and it is critical to a hotel’s success. Achmad presented students with the most recent standard operating procedures (SOP) in the housekeeping industry, focusing on the seven proper procedures in room cleaning. 

The session was held both in Penang and virtually on other SEGi campuses. Students learned about the importance of proper cleaning procedures and the steps to take when cleaning a room during the session. Achmad detailed the process, from turning on all the lights and opening the curtains to performing a final inspection of the room before completing the task. 

According to a World Tourism Organization report, the hotel and tourism industry employs millions of people worldwide. However, there is a skilled worker shortage in the industry, including in housekeeping management. SEGi College provides its students with a top-notch learning opportunity and introduces them to the latest advancements in the housekeeping industry by inviting industry experts like Achmad. 

Students had the opportunity to practise bed making and other procedures taught by Achmad during the session. This hands-on experience supplemented their learning and prepared them for future careers in the hotel and tourism industries. 

The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at SEGi College has taken a step forward in improving its students’ learning experiences by inviting industry experts like Achmad to share their knowledge. Given the industry’s shortage of skilled workers, providing practical training opportunities like this is critical in preparing students for their future careers.

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