SEGi College Penang’s Psychology Club organises meet and greet session

SEGi College Penang’s Psychology Club recently conducted a friendly Meet and Greet session for all students to draw new members and introduce the subject of psychology through exciting activities.

The club’s president announced past, current, and future club activities to give a clear overview of the club’s plans for its members. The club aims to create a memorable set of experiences for students in the American Degree Programme and to provide a community in which students from the American Degree Program, the Diploma in Psychology, and the non-Psychology programme students form a bond and learn from each other to enhance their experience of college life.

New members must contribute RM10 annually to the club to fund future events. Some upcoming events already being planned by the club are a mural-painting event in collaboration with the ECE (Early Childhood Education) Club and the Psychology Awareness Day in August 2022. Other potential events for the club include a movie session, a talk by mental health experts for the upcoming Talk Series, a Halloween costume party, a potluck event, a charity food sale and a sale of raffle tickets.

This Meet and Greet session included games, one of which was Two Truths and A Lie, which involved participants making three statements about themselves, and the others having to guess which one the lie was. The students had great fun and a lot of laughs.

To know more about psychology while having lots of fun, come and join SEGi College Penang!


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