SEGi College Penang unites in Deepavali celebration

SEGi College Penang’s Student Representative Council organised a fantastic Deepavali event on 21 October 2022 to celebrate the Festival of Lights and the triumph of all positive things and to promote peace, harmony and unity among SEGi students.

Principal Cheah turned on the lamps in the lobby of the Main Building to commence the event, after which the festivities began in the auditorium with an Indian dance. This was followed by a quiz about the facts of Deepavali, the winners of which were given goodie bags of muruku and candies. After the quiz, the main dance was then performed. There were cheers and joy in the auditorium after this special dance.

Later, Deepavali cards were handed out to the students so they could write their Deepavali wishes and blessings. The event ended with the Student Representative Council members handing out goodie bags and snacks to everyone. The event was a wonderful symbol of camaraderie and unity; everyone had a good time.

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