SEGi College Penang students have a fun Halloween

For Halloween this year, SEGi College Penang’s Student Representative Council held the Haunted SEGi event on 31 October from 7 pm to 11 pm.

For the students’ enjoyment, a haunted house and a horror movie were provided, as well as a dance. Other students not that keen on Halloween nevertheless had fun at SEGi Space, where they played ping-pong or snooker or enjoyed each other’s company and the drinks and snacks the organisers provided.

The Halloween Dance and the Haunted House had the best response and reactions from the students, who had a great time dancing to the music and screaming at all the scares put up by the costumed personnel of the haunted house.

The Haunted SEGi Halloween event was filled with fun, horror and excitement and was clearly a success.

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