SEGi College Penang students give back to society

SEGi College Penang’s Early Childhood Education students, working with six early-childhood centres in the island, recently organised a donation event to benefit Penang Women’s Centre for Change and St Joseph’s House. This was a task given to the students to give back to society as part of their The Child, Family and Society subject.

The event involved the whole campus of SEGi College Penang on 12 July 2022 from 8am to 1pm, as well as six early-childhood centres around Penang Island managed by The Learning Kingdom Education, and was held in conjunction with the United States’ National Give Away Something Day celebrated annually on July 15, a custom founded by American Linda Eaton Hall-Fulcher in 2015 with the goal of fostering a more generous society.

Within a short period of time, the campaign received overwhelming and heart-warming responses from the community. So many items were donated, exceeding expectations, that five cars were necessary to collect the donations and send them to the Centre for Change on Burma Road in Penang. Meanwhile, cash donations were used to purchase groceries which were then delivered to St Joseph’s house on Penang Road.

Through this event, we are certain that we have provided the students with the opportunity to work closely with schools, parents, children, and the community at large, teaching to harness their creativity in planning and managing events,  to use resources optimally, to manage conflicts, and to cooperate with others,  among other things.

SEGi College is proud of our students for having contributed from their hearts to give back to society.

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