SEGi College Penang provides early industrial exposure for students

During an industry talk on 21 February 2023, SEGi College Penang students learned about the latest internet programming technology. Mohd Amizar bin Abdul Majid organised the event from the School of Information Technology to provide students with early industrial exposure. 

Lee Chong Wei, a Test Engineer from Keysight Technologies in Bayan Lepas, Penang, delivered the one-hour session, which covered themes relevant to building server-side scripting languages for web development, which is in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). 

Lee showed the role of the GET and POST methods in creating PHP programmes during the workshop, giving students hands-on experience with form-data exchange between clients and servers. According to new statistics from Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey, PHP and JavaScript are among the most popular programming languages used in web development, big data, and machine learning. 

Students found the discussion more engaging because of the interactive session, which included a question and answer session. At the end of the session, Lee gave students useful advice, emphasising the significance of creativity, inventiveness, and resourcefulness, which humans still have an advantage in, even as technology and AI continue to replace repetitive activities in the workplace. 

This seminar is just one example of how SEGi College Penang gives students practical industrial experience to help them prepare for their future careers. As more sectors and employment responsibilities rely on technology and automation, students must stay current on the newest trends and advances in their disciplines.

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