SEGi College Penang brings industry into the classroom yet again

As part of our engagement with industry partners to provide the best education possible for our students, SEGi College Penang continuously brings industry professionals to share their knowledge in their respective areas of expertise.

“The Whole Brain and Creativity Development” workshop organised by The Learning Kingdom Education and PenGenius at the end of July this year for the senior students taking the Diploma in Early Childhood Education programme. The objective is to provide new explorations, experiences and learning methods not found in the syllabus.

High-level mental abilities include imagination and creativity. The brain learns and creates neural connections because of repeated encounters and will pay attention to something if it is engaging and stimulating. Strong brain connections are best formed through repeated experiences that provide children with the flexibility to explore, experiment, manipulate and learn about a range of objects using all their senses. These experiences add to developing essential brain connections and contribute to the knowledge needed for cognitive developmental growth.

This very important workshop helped our Early-Childhood students to generate creativity and taught them the fundamentals of the child’s whole-brain development, which will be necessary as part of their teaching of young children once they join the ranks of preschool teachers. At the end of the session, all the students received their certificates of participation for completing the two-day workshop.

SEGi College thanks our industry partners, The Learning Kingdom Education and PenGenius, for this very wholesome educational experience.

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