SEGi College Penang assesses tourism potential

SEGi College Penang recently went on a fun learning visit to Clan Jetty Penang to assess its tourism potential through cultural value.

 SEGi College’s Diploma in Tourism Management programme provides the opportunity for students to break free from the classroom and learn in new environments. This particular experiential learning started with an introduction to the jetty and its developments from its very beginning till the present. Originally built by Chinese Hokkien immigrants in the 19th century, these humble settlements on stilts along Weld Quay are now over a century old.

Our students also learnt how the problem of wear and tear can be addressed and how the structure can be improved for better tourism services. The session was a success and our students gained valuable knowledge from discovering the culture values at Clan Jetties.

This was an excellent experience for our students and a fun way for them to discover Clan Jetty Penang, putting them in a real setting so they could appreciate the possibilities of the tourism industry.

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