School of IT ends 2022 with FIPEC 2022

On 1 December 2022, the School of Information Technology (SOIT) of SEGi College Penang (SCPG) held its first exhibition, known as the Final Year Project Exhibition & Competition (FIPEC 2022) that brings all student School of Information Technology from final year Diploma in Information Technology and Bachelor’s in Computing in SCPG.

The FIPEC was organised by the School of Information Technology and coordinated by Mohd Amizar Abdul Majid with other IT lecturers.

The exhibition was a part of the presentation assignment for Final Year Project student Diploma in Information Technology (DIIT) and Bachelor in Computing (BCOMP). Every student was required to make a poster and present it during the FIPEC22 event.

In addition, the purpose of this exhibition was to appreciate the students’ hard work and effort throughout two semesters for BCOMP students and one semester for DIIT students and further introduce students to the industry by encouraging students to do public speaking, be creative, and increase students’ confidence level while dealing with user, stakeholders and etc.

The opening remark from the Principal of SCPG, Cheah Gaik Chiam, Program Leader SOIT, Kong Kok Wah @ Eric, followed by the ribbon-cutting ceremony, marked the opening of this FIPEC22 exhibition.

Special thanks to Dr. Chau Kien Tsong from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Senior Lecturer of Centre for Instructional Technology and Multimedia, Rosazila Abdul Rashid, Head Program of the Higher Education Officer, Politeknik Tunku Syed Sirajuddin, Perlis. Adam Malik Yusof, Software Developer /Test Engineer, Intel Kulim and Annida Said, Pension Lecturer/ ex-SEGian School of Information Technology Lecturer, acts as panel/ judges on FIPEC edition 2022 at SEGI College Penang.

During the event, not only students from the School of Information Technology and its lecturer visited the exhibition, but there were also visitors from other school departments in SCPG and staff.

The result of the best project from the diploma and bachelor categories was announced during the closing ceremony. The three best projects went to Khor Gang Yi (Champion), Quah Jin Wei (1st runner-up) and Oh Hounly (2nd runner-up) a student of Diploma in Information Technology and another three best projects went to Khoo Rui Kun (Champion), Chong Jia Xing (1st runner-up) and Tan Kok Yao (2nd runner-up) a student of Bachelor of Computing.

“I hope this event will continue next year, it will be great, the concept will be improved,” said Dr. Chau. He also said that this activity was very good and appreciated the SOIT and college effort in holding the exhibition.

It is slated to be SEGi College Penang most comprehensive final year project exhibition and competition of student final year project School of Information Technology ideas and research exposition encompassing all aspects of creation, innovation, and technology.

The event is an exceptional meeting point for the students in diploma and bachelor level in the School of Information Technology (SOIT), and a yearly platform to monitor and exhibit the outcomes of final year project ideas by SOIT students and demonstrate the student employability from Segi College Penang.

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