Go Green

BITHM, BME, BAAF, BEE, and BABMM students from SEGi College Penang’s School of Hospitality Management and School of Business organised a community service event titled “Plant A Tree: Get Your Hands Dirty in a meaningful way” to draw the attention of the public back to nature.

This event was held at Tropical Spice Garden on 14 October 2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The main objective of this event was to raise awareness of green environment protection from the communities.

To raise awareness of green environment protection from the communities, SEGi students collaborated with Tropical Spice Garden to organise this activity as an experience to carry out sort gardening work at the Tropical Spice Garden. Kenneth and Katherine are the owners of Tropical Spice Garden.

They introduced the story of the garden to all the participants. In addition, during the gardening work at the community garden, the owners and the community members shared a lot of valuable skills, knowledge, and tips with the participants. It was an interactive and memorable session.

After the activity, our students prepared the post-event feedback form for the participants. Based on the feedback results, the feedback, comments, and suggestions are positive. Some participants are willing to re-participate in this type of event in the future.

Besides that, students also gave a simple cactus plant to the owner of Tropical Spice Garden as a souvenir and appreciation.  Our SEGi students learned how to organise a public event by engaging with a local organisation and business owner through this event. In addition, students also learned essential skills such as time management, task management, teamwork, social skills, communication skills, leadership skills, and so on through this event. Finally, this event benefited the local organisation (Tropical Spice Garden), the student organiser, and the participants to enhance their skills.

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