Nikon Event @ SEGi College Penang

SEGi College Penang and Nikon held a collaborative full-day event on 9 July at our college, which included a modelling photo-shoot and various workshops.

After two days of setup prior, Nikon’s team arrived early at 7:00 AM along with the models at the decorated Main Lobby of the college. Participants gathered early as well at 7:30 AM for registration, which lasted over an hour. The models and participants gathered at Padang Kota for the photoshoot, where the participants photographed the models and the scenery.

Later, everyone gathered at the Auditorium for Nikon’s workshops and talks and Mr Andrew Ho, Society Chairman of Sun Seekers Photography Society of Penang, gave a speech on Photography Entrepreneurship and how photography can make a positive impact on society.

Mr David Loh, Founder of Elaton Asia Services and Elaton Publishing, talked about perspective in photography to create beautiful pictures.

SEGi College Penang is proud to have hosted this delightful and educational Nikon event.

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