Making sense of teaching in UK Higher Education

SEGi College Penang has been continuously moving forward in providing the best staff development programs especially for it lecturers at various level of undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Recently, about 35 academicians from SEGI College Penang has completed Learning and Teaching Certification from University of Sunderland with the title of “Making Sense of Teaching in UK Education”. This Certification program consist of 8 modules covering wide range of topics in learning and teaching and customized with local content and applications. The main objective of the certification is to expose academicians in areas of learning, planning and organizing, communication, support and action and reaction towards learning and teaching among all level of learners / students.

The 8 modules are offered in a liner sequence which firstly set on Malaysian Qualification Framework and followed by range of factors that influence students’ learning experience towards structured and progressional plan for learning.  These modules are delivered fully online by various trainer throughout SEGI Group of Colleges. With such a wonderful exposure, SEGI College Penang’s lecturers are expected to practice what has been delivered to make learning and teaching experiences to be in No. 1 among higher institution of learning in Malaysia. SEGI College Penang hope to expose more academicians in years to come through solid staff training and development initiatives and also looking forward to enhance academic courses through innovative teaching and learning delivery.


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