Express road to employability

Technology nowadays has changed rapidly. With the upcoming Industrial Revolution 4.0, Information Technology (IT) has become important for companies to make a change and continue to be competitive in the market.

The School of Information Technology, SEGi College Penang provides training and workshops for students to acquire and master practical skills that are required in the industrial. The training or workshop components will also be introduced in the syllabus to assess students. Each year, the school will conduct Industrial Advisory Board Meeting with professionals from industrial. The purpose of the meeting is to evaluate the existing syllabus and skills set offered for our students. The suggestions will then be discussed and make changes to the syllabus according to the recommendations given by the industry professionals such as Intel, Motorola etc. The school has received good feedback about student performance from the industrial.

Incubator project is launched in School of Information Technology where the students will work on projects given by different companies. With this, they can experience the real working environment, gain experience and knowledge which not only from the existing syllabus taught in the college but from the real working world.

With the company’s collaborations, the students are prepared to explore the real working world with a ready mindset and not only with theoretical knowledge but practical skills. Hence, for the past four years from 2016 until 2020, the School of Information Technology has achieved 100% employability rate and 100% internship placement for students. The change is necessary and important for the growth of the students and to build the next generations of elite workers.


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