Exploring the possibilities of AI: SEGi College Penang launches new computer science programme with University of Hertfordshire

SEGi College Penang held a talk by Dr Catherine Menon on artificial intelligence on 9 March 2023. Dr Menon, Principal Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, is an experienced researcher in the field.  

In her talk, Dr Catherine highlighted the importance of artificial intelligence, how it is relevant to current industries, and the possible opportunities that could be available in the future. In the example given, Dr Menon talked about how Tesla has invented cars that can be automatically driven to a destination without a human as a driver. The technology gives room for students to think about other potential inventions that could be created in order to perform services to users.  

SEGi College’s BSc (Honours) in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire is a two-year course that will be offered beginning 2023.  

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