Creating Successful IT Professionals: The Impact of Industry Interaction

The School of IT (SOIT) at SEGi College Penang recently hosted a virtual exchange ideas session with Luulla Technologies Sdn Bhd, an online shopping platform provider, to discuss industry participation in the classroom. Tan Kok Yao, an alumnus of SOIT and a software developer at Luulla Technologies, and Mohd Amizar Abdul Majid, a coordinator lecturer at SOIT, both attended the session on 14 January 2023.

The debate focused on how multimedia technology can be included into the present Multimedia Studies syllabus of the Diploma in Information Technology programme. Amizar’s goal in organising this session was to provide his pupils a better grasp of the significance of multimedia technology in the context of information technology.

Tan emphasised the importance of multimedia in our lives today during the session, saying, “Using a variety of artistic or communicative media helps to make an idea or presentation fresh and interesting, and also allows for greater insight through the latest information technology platform in line with IR4.0.”

Many suggestions were made to guarantee that the planned industry interaction could be carried out and tailored to the college’s current curriculum. The excellent idea exchange session finished with SOIT thanking Tan for his vital contribution to establishing industrial participation in the classroom at SEGi College Penang.

The incorporation of industry involvement in the classroom is a key advancement in modern education since it allows students to learn from professionals in the field while also staying up to speed with the newest technical advancements. Educational institutions can ensure that their curriculum remains relevant and successful in training students for their future employment by cooperating with industry professionals.

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