Covid-19: The surprising positive side of online classes

The world has been hit by the Covid-19 since end of last year. Number of cases keep increasing globally that leads to movement control order (MCO) by the Malaysian government starting 18th March 2020. Since then, schools, universities and colleges was forced to close from operating.

The teaching method has changed from face to face mode into online mode.  Educators has to accept and adapt the new way of teaching drastically. The student on the other hand also has been struggling between having a stable internet connection at home and ability to learn and understand the lesson.

Having said this, there are always two sides of a coin. Where there are positives impact of online class, there are the weaknesses of this new way of teaching. I have finished one subject through the seven weeks in June 2020 semester recently. In this subject, students are divided into two groups and each group must organize a webinar of their own topic of interest. They have been arranging and conducting all meeting online using Zoom software.

At the end of the semester, they have successfully organized the event online. They completed their task even though they have never seen each other face to face! They have developed trust and respect among each other even though this is the first time they are grouped together. I can never have been proud enough with my students on their good performance.

On the next article, I will share on the weaknesses side of online class from my perspective. Thank you for reading 🙂

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