Although learning through online, the relationship between students and lecturers is inseparable in SEGi College Penang

Things are a lot different now from what they were before the COVID-19 came along over a year ago and reared its ugly monstrous head, forcing us all to change the way we think and live, the way we work and learn. But one thing that hasn’t changed, nor ever will, is our commitment to our students here at SEGi College Penang. Yes, just like everyone else, we’ve had to improvise and change the way we do things, but we’ve stepped up to the challenge, moving on and moving forward with online learning and teaching, never compromising the integrity or quality of the education we so faithfully provide.

And we are very proud to see that our students are doing very well under the stewardship and guidance of their dedicated lecturers. The absence of face-to-face learning and teaching interactions has not detracted from our promise of excellence to our students. As a matter of fact, the bond of respect between our lecturers and their students continues to grow even in the face of the pandemic and its various dire consequences. And how have we managed to achieve all this?

Our lecturers, recognising and acknowledging the need to provide a different kind of learning experience for our students, have outdone themselves by giving the necessary support for effective online lessons. The new decade hasn’t just brought a pandemic it has also brought us great technology with which to conduct lessons which are just as effective as conventional teaching and learning, with video-conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype and Google Meet. Undaunted by this year-long crisis, our lecturers and students are all bravely going forward in their educational goals, jumping hurdle after hurdle in great leaps and bounds. And we note this with great pride.

In true SEGi College Penang tradition and spirit, and always faithful to our 6-star rating, we continue to forge ahead with dignity, never forgetting our promise of excellence to our students, a commitment that will never be diminished, sacrificed or ever put at risk.


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