A historic achievement – MASISWA championship

SEGi College Penang is elated to announce the outstanding achievement of  Nur Adri , a dedicated Diploma in Tourism Management student, who secured a remarkable third place in the 800-meter dash event at the Majlis Sukan IPTS Malaysia (MASISWA) Track and Field Championship 2023. This remarkable victory marks a historic moment for our institution’s Track and Field Programme. 

The MASISWA championship witnessed spirited competition from nearly thirty local private universities and colleges, all vying for glory at Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Selangor. The event served as a testament to the athletes’ dedication and hard work, as merely qualifying for this prestigious platform was a victory in itself. 

As fervent advocates of a well-rounded education, SEGi College Penang believes in the significance of sports and extra-curricular activities in shaping holistic individuals. Nur Adri’s achievement not only showcases his athletic prowess but also highlights our institution’s commitment to nurturing students into well-rounded individuals. 

Congratulations to Nur Adri for this exceptional feat, and kudos to SEGi College Penang for its continued dedication to fostering excellence both inside and outside the classroom. 

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