SEGi partners prominent accounting & auditing innovator to shed light on Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has been the hype of recent years. Inspired by the immense possibilities of blockchain technology, SEGi College Kuala Lumpur took the initiative to take the pioneering academic step to shade the benefits and latest developments of blockchain technology in the accounting and auditing field by hosting a webinar presented by a prominent accounting and auditing innovator, Ms Meera Easwaran.

The event was graced by members of the Malaysia Accounting Standards Board (MASB), academicians and industrial professionals in the finance and accounting line, SEGians, and the general public.

The webinar served to inspire blockchain technology’s potential in shapeshifting the nature of today’s accounting. It shared the constitution of a way to vastly automated accounting processes in compliance with the regulatory requirements. Numerous starting points to leverage blockchain in accounting and auditing fields were highlighted. A cascade of new applications, which likely follow one after another to lead the way for new, and unprecedented services in accounting and auditing were prognosticated.

In the Q&A of the webinar, the participants, professionals from different specialisations in the accounting and auditing industry, exchanged their many ideas. The event embraced the latest technology and was truly inspiring .

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