HAIKU competition attracts more than 20 submissions

The “Unrhymed Three-Lined Poem – HAIKU” is a semesterly competition held at SEGi KL organised by the Business School. It has attracted more than 20 submissions.

The judges commented that everyone was a winner who took the effort to create and submit his/her haiku.

The winner of this semester was awarded to:


(American Degree Programme – Global Business Major)

 Rocks still on the ground,

Just lying there watching us,

Watching us go by,

Gorgeous butterflies,

In a stunning flower field,

Also, bees are here!

Chirping in the trees,

In mis-air with beating wings,

Tiny precious bird.

Originating in Japan, the haiku is the shortest form of poetry in the world with a short descriptive verse, expressing a moment in the poet’s life or the beauty of nature. Since 2021, SEGi KL Business School has been hosting a haiku recital competition to bring inspiration to the students semesterly.

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