Reimagining the digital campus: SEGi Group of Colleges CEO Ms Stella Lau shares her thoughts

Ms Stella Lau, the CEO of SEGi’s Group of Colleges, was recently invited to be a panel speaker at a webinar organised by EduTech Malaysia entitled Reimagining the Digital Campus. The webinar was held on 10 March 2022, and Ms Lau spoke alongside her industry peers, Mr Kevin Yeoh of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia and Dr Sakina of Edu City Iskandar in this webinar moderated by Mr Lim Chee Leong.

Ms Lau, lively and engaging yet humble in demeanour, has over thirty years of experience in industry, academics and management. Among her leadership tenures are her roles as Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics and Student Engagement) of MAHSA University, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Taylor’s College, and also SEGi Education Group.

Mr Lim Chee Leong began the discussion by remarking how the digital transformation in academics was inadvertently accelerates by the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, and invited Ms Lau to share about her stakeholders in the digital community, the needs of this group of stakeholders, and the vision of SEGi Group of Colleges in terms of the digital campus.

Asked to explain her role at SEGi as her responsibilities driving the management, staff and students of SEGi Colleges in Subang Jaya, Penang and Kuching, she spoke passionately about running industry-based learning at a SEGi. The first speaker invited to speak, Ms Lau spoke with animation about her interpretation of the digital campus as a ‘smart campus’, as a campus that goes above and beyond the brick and mortar infrastructure to one that leverages on technology as a whole. Her thoughts relayed her amazement with the fact that the digital transformation in Malaysia took place almost overnight, per courtesy of the pandemic.

Regarding her stakeholders, Ms Lau immediately said, ‘Without a doubt, our greatest stakeholders are our students.’ And true to her never-give-up attitude, she remarked that we are lucky to have been given this opportunity to cross the threshold into digital learning. While others are cowering in fear of the COVID-19 taking us down, Ms Lau demonstrated just how quick SEGi has been to latch on to this opportunity.

Ms Lau said that there is nothing that will stop SEGi from giving their students the very best of personalised learning using added tools such as micro-credentials to pivot on each student’s individual interests and strengths. She went on to add that the other most important stakeholders are the staff of SEGi, who, according to her vivid portrayal, are all well-equipped to take SEGi students to the next level.

Missed the session? Watch a replay of the forum here

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