SEGi College KL’s School of Hospitality & Tourism gets Mamee industry expert in their classroom

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur recently brought another industry expert into the classroom as part of SEGi’s commitment to holistic education. This time it was for the benefit the students in the culinary arts programme. Chef  Chef Faizul Hazly Ghazali of Mamee-Double Decker (M) Sdn Bhd came over on 25 February 2022, bringing with him his inspiring ideas, his considerable experience, and also some of Mamee’s Korean Daebak products with which he planned to conduct the day’s lesson and on which he would base their assignment.

The event was held in SEGi Kuala Lumpur’s mock restaurant, where Chef Faizul demonstrated how to use Mamee’s new Daebak products such as buttermix, soy garlic sauce, sweet chili sauce, gochujang sauce, tteokbooki sauce, bibimbap sauce and bulgogi sauce. It was streamed live to SEGi Penang, SEGi Sarawak and SEGi Subang. The demonstration exposed the students to Mamee’s Korean Daebak products and was instrumental in their next assignment to create their own menus from the products, after which they would have to present them in class.


Having learned from an industrial expert such as Chef Faizul for a wonderful opportunity for the students to gain a greater insights into the food industry as well as an understanding of shifting demands of food products in local and international markets.


The event gave the students a better understanding of culinary arts as one full of different things they can do in the future as chefs, as artists creating new recipes and designing new menus, and as researchers in the food industry.


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