Passion, perseverance, are keys to success

Studying at SEGi Kuala Lumpur College has been a life-changing yet unforgettable journey for Cheong Wei Peng. “It’s full of excitement, challenges and opportunities,” she said.

Having her Diploma in Nursing here has transformed her both professionally and personally.

“SEGi KL has provided a variety of training and clinical practices to enhance the potential of each student.

“The lecturers of SEGi KL have always tried to fulfil and provide for students’ needs. Lecturers are very supportive and caring towards students. They have helped me learn the necessary skills required to work in my nursing career,” said Cheong.

With the knowledge and skills she learned at SEGi KL, Cheong believes that she will be able to go far in her career.

“The infrastructure of SEGi KL is as decent as it can be. It promotes positivity and peace among students. It is a community of interesting and friendly people. The years spent here will be something I will treasure forever,” Cheong shared.

Receiving the “Best Student Award” was definitely a memorable one for Cheong.

“It was truly an honour to me. I must thank my lecturers who have guided and poured all of the knowledge they have. Having the chance to learn from well-experienced lecturers helped me to develop my learning skills,” she expressed.

Cheong advises, “With the right passion and perseverance, anyone can do it. Never give up on what you truly want and desire.”

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