Beyond classroom walls – The future of early years education

As part of its mission to continuously provide quality education, SEGi has created new platforms to help students balance theoretical knowledge and practical skills – which are vital to developing future leaders.

25th November 2022, The School of Education Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care students carried out an industry collaboration with Tadika Sri Intelek, Cheras. The students showcased their talents by organising a Messy Play workshop for the children.  The workshop aimed to provide students with real-life experiences and 21st-century knowledge and skills that future leaders should acquire.

Part of the Messy Play workshop is to help students understand why play is important for young children and how teachers can support children’s overall development through different types of play. The workshop is tied closely to the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care program offered to students in SEGi KL.

Overall, students had a great time engaging and creating a new experience through the workshop. It benefited them to know how to cater to young children’s play needs and how it will help them to develop holistically by incorporating messy play. They gained some invaluable experience that they will forever cherish, and they look forward to more school collaborations in future.

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