Make your dream job a reality with PTPTNx’tra

We all have equal rights, but we don’t have equal opportunities. This is the bitter reality of a poor family that is unable to afford the quality education to bring themselves out of poverty.

According to the Department Of Statistics, Malaysia’s absolute poverty rate is at 6.2% in 2022, a decrease from the 8.2% recorded in 2021. Although a drop was achieved, it also meant that almost 6 out of 100 households in Malaysia still could not afford to meet their basic needs for food.

Browsing through the statistics, it is certain that much needs to be done to address the poverty level. Chief among the actions needed is a better education to close the gap between the rich and poor.

With that in mind, SEGi University & Colleges has come up with a game-changing scheme to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity at success.

The first ever programme in Malaysia, PTPTNx’tra provides additional study loans to students from B40 families to cover the shortfall of PTPTN. It offers the same interest rate as PTPTN, at 1%, and students get a peace of mind since they need not pay anything during the length of their course.

Through PTPTNx’tra, a professional career as a doctor, lawyer, engineer, and more, is within easy reach. To further ease their financial burden, payment only begins 12 months after graduation, providing graduates with ample time to get a stable job.

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