The University of Hertfordshire’s Dr Menon talks about Technology and the Future of Humans

Dr Catherine Menon, Principal Lecturer from the University of Hertfordshire, UK, recently gave a talk at SEGi College Subang Jaya. The topic was “Technology: The Future of Humans” and covered a range of issues related to computers and cybersecurity. 

Dr Menon began her talk with a brief background on the University of Hertfordshire, which has grown from 1700 to 32,000 students since its establishment in 1952. She then went on to discuss the history of computing, and explored future technological advancements, as well as their possible implications on human ethics.  

She also spoke about cybersecurity and highlighted the Internet of Things (IoT), which refers to the many devices that are linked together for convenience, access, and upgrades. While there are many benefits to having interconnected devices, there is also a risk of cybersecurity breaches. Dr Menon gave an example of a Samsung Smart TV that records all speech and transmits it to a third-party voice recognition company, raising questions about privacy and consent. 

She concluded the talk by introducing two new programmes that will be offered through a partnership between SEGi Colleges and the University of Hertfordshire, which are the BSc Honours in Computer Science (Cyber Security Networks) and BSc Honours in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence). 

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