SEGi’s “Connected Parenthood”: Strengthening Families in the Digital Age

SEGi College Subang Jaya recently hosted the groundbreaking “Connected Parenthood” event in an innovative move to strengthen familial bonds in our fast-paced society. Organised by the esteemed Psychology Department, this event on 20 January 2024 offered a lifeline to parents seeking to deepen connections within their families amidst the whirlwind of modern life.

“Connected Parenthood” emerged as a beacon for those navigating the complexities of parenting in the digital era. With an emphasis on the quality of time spent together over the quantity, the event attracted experts and families alike to engage in a day of learning and mutual growth. Dr. Yeoh Sun Wei, a renowned figure in family dynamics and child development, led the keynote session, offering invaluable insights into mindful parenting and the importance of nurturing quality family interactions.

The workshops and discussions facilitated a lively exchange of ideas and experiences, empowering attendees with practical communication strategies to fortify their family ties. The event’s focus on creating family rituals, managing technology use, and the pivotal role of self-care for parents resonated deeply with the participants. These sessions illuminated the path to achieving a delicate balance between staying connected in a digital world and fostering genuine, face-to-face interactions that are the cornerstone of strong family relationships.

SEGi’s commitment to addressing the contemporary challenges faced by families today reflects its broader mission to contribute positively to the community. Through events like “Connected Parenthood,” SEGi not only underscores its academic and research excellence but also its dedication to societal well-being and the holistic development of individuals and families.

Participants left the event armed with a toolkit of strategies, ready to implement changes that promise to enhance the resilience and connectivity of their family units. The success of “Connected Parenthood” is a testament to SEGi’s innovative approach to education and community engagement, cementing its reputation as a leading institution that goes beyond academic excellence to empower and uplift the community it serves.

In a world where external pressures constantly challenge the fabric of family life, SEGi’s “Connected Parenthood” event has set a new standard in promoting family wellness and connectedness. It’s a shining example of how educational institutions can play a pivotal role in shaping future professionals and happier, healthier family ecosystems.



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