SCSJ & Soup Kitchen fed the community

SEGi College Subang Jaya’s students from the Community Service class, under the initiative of the School of MPU, have conducted a charity event: Soup Kitchen: Feeding the Community.

This event aims to share love and prosperity with the community and provide a better life quality for the underprivileged by providing them with free food and pre-loved items to take home.

Our students also wanted to raise awareness about the underprivileged in the community by spreading words regarding the underprivileged needs, encouraging the community to donate their pre-loved items and building a connection with the diverse community through volunteering in the Soup Kitchen. Our students have collaborated with Fungates Superflow Foundation Soup Kitchen and targeted to provide food and pre-loved items for at least 200 participants. The pre-loved items include clothing, bags, books, stationaries, and soft toys, catering to children and adults. The event was open to the public, and they could come and enjoy food and bring home any pre-loved items at the booth.

The event was conducted on two Saturdays: 15 October 2022 and 29 October 2022. The team was divided into two groups because the Fungates Superflow Foundation Soup Kitchen in Kuala Lumpur could not accommodate 13 volunteers at a time. On both days, our students gathered over 200 participants.

On the event day, our students began preparing and cleaning the kitchen to open it to the public. Some preparation and clean-up work includes mopping the floor, wiping the tables and chairs, cooking, and packing food. After all the cooking and food packaging, the kitchen is open to the public. Our students distributed food to underprivileged people.

The people can also choose the preloved items at the booth outside the Soup Kitchen and bring home with them 2 or 3 items of their preference. They expressed their gratefulness to our students for giving out the pre-loved items. Some of them were very happy and delighted to get the pre-loved items. All of them benefited from the pre-loved booth as the children could pick out some books and stationaries while the teenagers and adults could pick out clothing and bags. Finally, after the community left the Soup Kitchen, our students cleaned up the area.

After closing the kitchen, our students received positive feedback from the Soup Kitchen manager regarding their volunteering service. The entire team of our students served the community happily and blended well with the community. It was encouraging to know that they have helped fill the stomachs of many people and learnt to empathise with underprivileged people, which impacts their lives.

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